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A Letter from Jeremy Corbyn

"We need to use this contest to bring people together around strong policies to turn our fire onto the Tory government."


A note from Jeremy from the Labour Website:

I am proud of our achievements in the last year.

We emerged with the largest share of the vote in the May elections, and won all four mayoral elections – in Salford, Liverpool, Bristol and London.

We have comfortably won all four parliamentary by-elections too.

Our party membership has more than doubled to well over half a million people – more than all the other political parties in Britain combined – enhancing our campaigning strength.

And our campaigning together won us victories. 

We forced David Cameron’s government back on issue after issue. We turned back their cruel tax credit cuts that would have meant millions of families this year being over £1,000 worse off. And turned back £4 billion of cuts to disabled people – at a time when the government billions in cuts to big business and the super-rich.

… But we face a difficult year ahead. The vote for Brexit threatens jobs, investment and our economic prospects – and has unleashed a disturbing rise in racist attacks. 

Our party is divided. We need to use this contest to bring people together around strong policies to turn our fire onto the Tory government. There must be no personal abuse or threatening behaviour, which undermines the democracy we, as socialists, cherish; democracy which I as Leader will extend in our party and across the country.

Too many people are working in low paid, insecure jobs. Six million workers are paid less than the living wage. Poverty among those in work is at a record high. Two generations on from the Equal Pay Act, Britain’s gender pay gap languishes at around 20%.

Home ownership has fallen under this government. For many younger people the dream of home ownership feels like a fantasy, while for a gilded few housing has become an investment opportunity.

My vision is built around an economy that delivers for everyone, in every part of the country. That takes a Labour government making decisions in that leaves no one behind, and no community behind.

Let’s have a comradely debate this summer – and emerge stronger and more united to protect our communities and defeat this Conservative government.

For more information about my campaign see: www.jeremyforlabour.com

About Jeremy: 

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn is the Leader of the Labour Party. Jeremy has been the MP for Islington North since 1983.

Before that he was an elected councillor in the London Borough of Haringey, an official for the National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers and for National Union of Public Employees. 

In 2015 Jeremy entered the Labour leadership race at the last minute, only to go on and win a landslide victory with almost 60% of the vote – a massive mandate for honest, straight-talking politics.

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commented 2016-07-21 19:00:03 +0100
I must respectfully disagree with David Tiplady’s response to Corbyn’s letter. The Leader of the party leads at our behest and it is up to us, as members, to set the party’s policies, whether that be through Conference or through our representatives on the NEC. We elected Corbyn because of all the available options he was (and is) most in tune with the policies that we hope to see put in place. Putting policies in place does, however, take time and we are still almost four years away from the next election.
As our constituency’s Referendum Co-ordinator, I would also strongly disagree with David’s views on Corbyn’s performance during the referendum campaign. Almost everyone I spoke to during the campaign – and I can confidently say that I spoke to more than most – expressed their admiration for the principled, balanced way he was approaching the issue and not getting drawn into the ridiculous project fear. Standing on the same platform as Cameron and Osborne with their obvious lies and exaggerations would have led to Corbyn not being believed and to votes haemoraging away as they did in Scotland. In Derbyshire Dales, the LabourIn campaign was the only Remain campaign in evidence and at the Count, the returning officer had to liaise with me as no-one from the official Remain campaign bothered to turn up – this in a constituency where our Tory MP was officially a Remainer. I have been a passionate European for as long as I can remember and believe that we should continue to work with other socialist parties across Europe and, after we have changed the electorate’s view, rejoin the union but, even I, as a passionate European would find it hard to give the EU, as it is now, more than 7.5/10.
commented 2016-07-21 11:24:56 +0100
Sadly Jeremy Corbyn offers platitudes in this article not policy options to the serious problems facing the country thus demonstrating he is a protester not a leader. We are promised more of the same, we all have the analysis (even Theresa May has some of it). What we need are policy solutions which will resonate with the U.K. electorate.

If he sincerely believed that Brexit would have deleterious effects on the economy why did he not campaign effectively against it by joining forces with the Remain campaign, crossing political boundaries by sharing the stage with other parties and not starting the campaign with his destructive 7 out of 10 comment. The decline in our GDP which is forecast from Brexit could have been avoided and the tax take from that spent on many of the needs of our population. That loss of GDP will disproportionately hit the least vulnerable..The whole sad performance summed up by his being asked which side he voted for by Marr. In this the referendum alone he has betrayed the Labour Party, the country and his supporters. I see no defence of this performance apart from the abject statement that he did everything he could.

He has lost the support of his own MP’s, unprecedented in modern parliamentary history. His cabal already have started the negative briefings against Smith making a mockery of his commitments to a clean campaign.. Having lost the confidence of his MP’s he should have resigned and opened up an election with candidates from the complete spectrum. If he is re-elected then Labour will become a party of protest with only objections but no solutions, excluded for a generation from Government. Brexit will be determined by conservative party dynamics with Labour handing the dialogue to the SNP.

I urge all voters to decide which scenario they want, a Party of the shadows or a modern reforming party reaching out to both the current marginalised and to middle Britain with believable policies and a widely based and credible leadership team. Ask Jeremy to resign so the party can move on to achieve that.

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