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Breaking the Good Friday Agreement to protect the Tory Magic Money Tree

Amid delight and pride that the youth of this country took up arms in a peaceful revolution I have been watching the moves of the current prime minister with a curiosity bordering on addiction.

 One question kept returning to me...

”why on earth did she call a snap election at this time?”

Was it arrogance, complacency, vanity? What caused her to risk the governing majority, slim though it was, in an attempt to create a larger mandate for BREXIT, a larger mandate that no one agreed was needed?

This question niggled away at me as the pieces of the story fell on the table in a jumbled mess that looked like chaos and confusion confounding her strong and stable strap line. 

I was in Ireland as I watched with horror as she hurriedly approached the palace to claim that she could form a government with the DUP as her allies. 
The DUP had paid for a mass of advertising for the LEAVE campaign in London during the referendum

 That Mrs May even saw fit to approach the DUP, to me demonstrated her utter contempt for democracy and disinterest in a peaceful world. Did she not know what she was doing? Was she too power mad to care? Was realising her long held dream of being PM really worth destroying the Good Friday agreement. Was there no end to her self serving vanity? 

Could it be that she failed completely to understand that Ireland, far from having a stable peace is still in a tenuous balance. The battle, which the Good Friday Agreement effectively moved from the streets into Stormont still rages, Sinn Fein still intent on a united Ireland, free from the clutches of the UK and the DUP intent on becoming closer and closer to the UK and holding all the Power in Northern Ireland.

What few people in the UK understand is that the regressive policies regarding women's rights and gay rights that the DUP espouse fade into insignificance when you look at this epic failure of judgement, that is effectively backing the DUP and alienating Sinn Fein. It will take a very good and unbiased negotiator now to broker a new power sharing agreement and keep the battle contained and limited to the meeting rooms of Stormont.

As often with jigsaws, if you are missing one piece of the puzzle the rest of the pieces fail to make sense.

I was still asking why did she call this snap election when I was pointed to an EU paper agreed in Feb 2017 creating new rules to prevent tax avoidance through non-EU countries(1)

The rules come into force in Jan 2020.

The puzzle in my head started to make sense, the pieces falling into place like dominoes tripping in order.

She was not, as I had thought utterly incompetent, a coalition of chaos; rather her tactics, though callous and despicable are logical. 

Once the new rules on tax avoidance had been agreed and announced in February Theresa May had to trigger article 50 (in March) to ensure that by the end of 2019 the UK is out of the EU and the government weren’t forced to close tax havens and to tax the corporations.

The Tory government has also been trying to block the Kenny Move on Unity (2). Passed during the general election campaigning, the Kenny Move states that if Ireland vote positively in a referendum for a United Ireland then Northern Ireland is automatically in the EU. Note that Northern Ireland voted for remain in the EU referendum. The Good Friday agreement has provision for a referendum on a United Ireland.(3) The DUP would be very happy to never have that referendum.

However much Theresa May tried to keep dictatorial control over the less than transparent negotiations to leave, she has been forced to put the Brexit deal to parliament rather than keep it all hidden. The slogan, “no deal is better than a bad deal” rose in prominence as she tried to dupe the public into getting out in the shortest possible time and 'at any cost'.

So my question is, when she and Philip walked in Wales did they perhaps discuss that she needed a guaranteed 5 years, taking her beyond the start of 2020 when the EU rules on tax avoidance would be triggered. 

Possibly she did not call a snap election to give her a stronger mandate but to give her those extra two years in office. That way if the BREXIT deal was delayed she would still have control.

All through their term in government there has been speculation that the Conservative government want to turn the UK into a tax haven. Despite the scandal of the Panama papers and promises to close down tax havens, despite the constant noise about large corporates not paying their share of tax but being given large tax breaks no action has been taken and corporation tax has been constantly eroded to encourage business to come here. 

The start of 2020 triggers major initiatives, put forward by the Juncker Commission, to boost tax transparency and reform corporate taxation. Ambitious Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives were agreed by Member States ensuring that anti-abuse measures will apply throughout the EU.

However Theresa May didn't count on Corbyn being able to mobilise a peaceful revolution of the youth.

Her plan is being confounded by the will of the people...the young people. 

So Mrs. May is willing to break the Good FridayAgreement and has already put the Power Sharing Agreement discussions in Northern Ireland in jeopardy in order to protect the Tory Magic Money Tree and keep the corporations happy.

 When she negotiates the Brexit deal, the UK tax payers will pay the huge divorce bill in order that the corporations can continue to pay no tax, the underfunded public sector will continue to fail and can continue to be privatized.

No wonder she wants to close down the Internet!!!!



1) http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-17-305_en.htmhttp://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/company-tax/anti-tax-avoidance-package_en


2) https://www.rte.ie/news/brexit/2017/0612/881978-brexit-unity-clause/

3) https://sluggerotoole.com/2017/02/26/a-border-poll-can-be-held-at-any-time/



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