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Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Clement Attlee, Keir Hardie. - I wonder if those names mean anything to Blairites…


I am sick and tired of the spiteful, disgusting and un-statesman like way in which the New Labour MP’s are behaving. Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election democratically, and with one of the largest mandates in British history. And the New Labour so called “moderates” are hell bent on getting rid of him. They are stopping at nothing to back-stab, demean, belittle and betray Jeremy Corbyn, and by proxy, their own membership. They are standing more in line with the Conservatives than they are with their own party. And for what? Votes, popularity, a sheer hatred of the left wing, a burning desire to push their centrist policies upon a party who has clearly said no? I think probably a combination of all of those.

In fairness to them, they still remember the Longest Suicide Note in History, and Thatcher’s 11 years in office, and they probably want to get as far away from that as possible. But that was then. This is now. The British Left Wing are sick of being trampled on by people pushing centrist policies and then having the audacity to masquerade as left-wing. There is no place for them in this party. Yes, respect opinions, and open debate is a vital pillar of democracy, one which I fully support. Labour should be the broadest church possible - but, when these people are literally pledging themselves to overthrowing Jeremy Corbyn from day one, as Simon Danczuk did, then there is no place for them within this party. Oh yes, and they have the cheek to label Jeremy Corbyn “extremist.”

Jeremy corny speaking against nuclear

 Is Jeremy Corbyn the extremist -  for not wanting to use a nuclear bomb to incinerate tens of thousands of innocent civilians in the heavenly cleansing glow of radiation?

Is he an extremist - for supporting paying the cleaning lady enough to feed her children?

Is Jeremy Corbyn an extremist - for not supporting bombing innocent civilians in Syria?

 If moderate means pledging yourself to oppose the democratic process for some self serving ego-trip down Vote Lane then by all means call them “moderate”. But it’s not Jeremy Corbyn who is the extremist. It is the so called “moderates” who are killing the Labour party. Not Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn is trying to hold Labour up from falling into a black void of despair; and in New Labour’s desperate attempts to break free from any hint of true left-wingedness, Socialism or “Old Labour,” they are willingly trying to fling themselves, and the party, into the void. And all because they don’t like his policies. When people look at the party what do they see? A great movement standing in solidarity? Or a mass of squabbling Blairite toddlers? I know if I were a swing voter I wouldn’t vote for that.

 I’ve been hearing a lot about a “purge” of the so called “moderates,” and “hijacking” the party for the “extreme left.” Such short memories they have. They don’t seem to remember before 1994. The Labour party is a left-wing party. And proudly so! If we had wanted to support centrist policies we would have joined the Lib-Dems! But we didn’t! We joined the Labour party. The party of the NHS! Of nationalisation! Of social housing! Of the welfare state, and the ideal that we do not have to live in a society where you are damned for being poor! Keir Hardie did not found this party from the Trade Union movement in the early 1900’s for it to pursue centrist policies! Clement Attlee did not nationalise the railways and found the NHS to pursue centrist policies! Harold Wilson did not abolish capital punishment and decriminalise being gay to pursue centrist policies!

The Labour party has always been a party of justice, a party of fairness, a party for the little people, and the workers (as much as the Conservatives purport that claim wrongfully.) And it seems, sadly, that this message has been lost on the Labour “moderates”; who are so busy trying to stay in Parliament, they seem to have forgotten why they are there in the first place. I hope that they’re there to promote what is right and just, even if they have a different perception of what that is. If you believe in what is right then you cannot go wrong. - And if they are not there to promote what is right, then they should not be there in the first place. “This party is a moral crusade or it is nothing!” So said Harold Wilson… If the “moderates” even know who that is…

I will end with this, despite everything I have said here about New Labour: Can we please just stop this squabbling now. It is stupid, and it is boring. Jeremy Corbyn is not a dictator. He is the leader of the Labour party, as elected by 59.5% of the full members, such as myself, and registered supporters. The contempt on both sides of the party is getting old. This is not about left versus right, this is not about old versus new, this is about Labour. We have to take the fight to the Tories, before they bring the fight to us. So - can we stop the infighting and just work together to be the Labour Party, please? Take up that moral crusade, whatever it means to you, and carry it forward. Tony Benn once said;

I think progress has been made by two flames that have always been burning in the human heart: The flame of anger against injustice, and the flame of hope that you can build a better world.”

We must keep these flames burning, brighter than ever before. And we can only do that united.

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commented 2015-12-13 20:59:20 +0000
Quite right. The vocal, disruptive minority within the party must remember that they are not merely undermining Jeremy Corbyn, but also the 59.5% of those who gave him their first preference votes and the many others who gave him second preference votes and the many others who did not vote for him at all but as democrats, accept the decision of the party and are trying to fight the Tories, rather than the leadership.
commented 2015-12-12 11:19:01 +0000
Thanks a great article you speak for many of us, we need hope, we need to fight the Tories and not waste time with career politicians who do not care about about our poverty, suffering and the lack of social justice
commented 2015-12-12 10:34:43 +0000
This beautifully written piece is the entire reason for this petition..pls sign and show you want a united party!
commented 2015-12-09 16:09:14 +0000
Thanks Uther a really well thought out article – we need to respect the democratic vote of the membership and supporters and give Jeremy Corbyn a chance to lead our party!
commented 2015-12-09 14:04:32 +0000
Excellent article. The Labour Party is and always has been a broad church encompassing a broad spectrum of views. One pre-requisitite of membership, however, is a respect for party democracy. At some point in the (hopefully distant) future there will be another leadership election when the left v centre debate can be had again. Until then, the Blairites have a duty to support the elected leadership of the party, in the same way as ‘lefties’ like me continued to fight for the party when the Blairites were in control.

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